Home Made Pit Paste (AKA Deodorant) That Really Works!

Yes! This DIY deodorant really, really works! Even manly man hubby couldn’t even believe it!

We have been using a natural deodorant for a while now, and though they have a great range of lovely scents, both Andrew and I would notice it wouldn't last all day leaving us having to reapply, and it wasn't the cheapest around.  So when I was researching our DIY toothpaste, I also found info on using very similar ingredients to make a home made deodorant.  I have to admit, I was sceptical at first. How could Coconut Oil, Baking Soda and Arrowroot keep us fresh and stink free? But to our complete amazement, it works!! I do add some essential oils, and these also play a part on how effective it is.  I can even put some on after showering in the evening and I am still good to go through the following day without reapplying – that is how awesome it is!

Now I can hear you saying, why would I even want to make my own deodorant?  Well there are some really great reasons.

Most deodorants or antiperspirants are filled with chemicals which are not all that friendly to our body, and given we are putting it on under our arms right where there are lymph nodes, we really need to know what we are putting there. Some of the chemicals I am talking about are; Aluminium which we know is linked to breast cancer and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parabens which disrupt hormonal balance, Tricolsoan which is actually classified as a pesticide and Propylene Glycol which can cause damage to the skin, liver and kidney.  Andrew actually had a negative experience with PG (Propylene Glycol) where it gave him bald patches in his beard, and when he stopped using the deodorant in question, the hair grew back (crazy!). In addition, making your own deodorant cuts out another unneeded plastic container to throw away, and with the cost effective ingredients in this recipe, it is sure to save your money.  Oh and it is super-duper easy to make!


1.       ¼ Cup of Baking Soda (works to neutralize odour)

2.       ¼ Cup of Arrowroot Powder or Corn starch (absorbs sweat and helps to thicken paste)

3.       Softened/Melted Coconut Oil (antimicrobial and antibacterial)

4.       Favourite Essential Oils – Quick note, in all our blends we make sure to always add in some Tea Tree Oil as it is amazing as an antifungal and antibacterial ingredient in this deodorant.  It is a key ingredient in what makes it so effective. The other oils are totally up to you and what you love to smell.  At the moment we have a blend of Tea Tree, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage.


1.       Combine Baking Soda and Arrowroot Powder in a small glass dish or jar.

2.       Add your Essential Oils.  To this ½ cup amount of powder, I add a total of 15-20 drops of oil, but totally make it to your preference.  I will make a batch both Andrew and I will use, but you can make a his and hers, and one for the kids.  If you are making one for the children be mindful of what oil you will use and reduce the amount to 5-10 drops.

3.       Slowly add the Coconut Oil to the desired consistency.  You don’t want it too thick as this will make application a little difficult.  

4.       When applying a little goes a long way, so take a small smearing from the jar and rub into your arm pit. Handy tip is to apply right after a shower while arm pits are slightly moist.

You can double the recipe, or make a smaller amount if you want to make a travel size.  Much like our toothpaste recipe, this is a very flexible recipe to cater for how you like your deodorant to feel and smell. 

You should totally try this recipe if for nothing else but to make a deodorant in your favourite fragrance.  But the environment, your body and your pocket will thank you for it too!