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Welcome! We are so happy you found us. Here at Home Amongst The Green we love good food! We love growing it, we love cooking it and now we are sharing that love with you! We want to bring nutritious, wholesome food into your home.

We are Jessie and Andrew, a happily married pair of peace loving, garden growing, healthy foodies. We are super passionate about living a clean, healthy and sustainable life. Check out more of our story here.

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— Benjamin Franklin




For us cooking and eating should be a celebration, but more importantly, celebrating food everyone can eat! Our recipes cater for multiple food allergens and we focus on 3 main things - nutrition, the produce and taste. Nutrition, because food is the fuel our body requires to work at its optimum level. Produce, because we care deeply about where our food comes from and how it is made, and the most pleasurable, taste, because eating should be joyful! 

Grow With Us

We believe, deep down, we all have an instinctual connection to growing food. Previously this link was passed on from generation to generation however in today’s new faster paced lifestyle this connection has been lost. Our vision is to revive the knowledge of growing food within our community and to show how easy urban agriculture can be. 

Feeling the dirt between your fingers, hearing the buzz of the bees as they pollinate and tasting the plant you have watched and nurtured into a beautiful gift that feeds you and your family. Not only will you save money, you will have fresh food on tap and you will reconnect with the earth. Growing your own food just makes sense and when it is cheaper and healthier than relying on a supermarket, you win all round! Find out how we can help get you growing here.



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