Soil Is The Answer - 6 Tips To Improve Your Garden's Health

"To forget how to dig the earth and tend to the soil is to forget ourselves." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Soil is always the answer! The healthier your soil the more productive your plants will be. Ideally you want the soil in your garden to be teeming with life… earthworms a plenty breaking down organic matter as well as beneficial bacteria and fungi.

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Getting Rid Of Pesky Little Critters Naturally

Spring brings growth and not all of it is of the plant kind and unfortunately the flush of growth in the garden sometimes isn’t a food source just for you…

We believe pests and their natural enemies should co-exist in a balanced, well managed garden, and only when that balance is tipped and you are facing an infestation problem should you then resort to something more intrusive like a spray. Though don’t get us wrong, if we spot a caterpillar eating a juicy leaf we could be eating, off to the birds it goes.

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Spring Has Sprung!

"Spring in nature's way of saying let's party" - Robin Williams

And party in the garden we will!  Here in sunny Brisbane, the weather is gorgeous!! Lovely and warm during the day, with a gentle breeze, and just chilly enough at night to still have a bit of snuggle.  If only it could stay this way forever!

Spring is also a beautiful time in the garden, everything seems like it has an extra pep in it’s step.  The sun is shining, birds are happily chirping, and the bees are buzzing. Feels like you are staring in your own Disney movie even! It is definitely the perfect time for any aspiring green thumb to get their hands dirty. Plant a few seedlings and you will have fresh and the most delicious tomatoes before you know it!

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