What does ‘Allergy Friendly‘ or ‘Allergy Conscious’ mean?

To us it means to ‘Celebrate Food Everyone Can Eat’ and in this we strive to make every dish to be eaten and enjoyed by anyone. Everything we make does not include gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts. Where we have opted to use soy we have chosen a brand which is organic free from GMOs and sustainable. The only nut which we may use is the cashew and it is not in every dish.  All of our dishes are clearly labelled and we take every care to make sure no cross contamination occurs when/if we use soy or cashews.

All special care is taken when lovingly preparing our food, though at present we share a commercial kitchen and cannot say we are 100% allergy free which is why we have chosen to use the terms ‘allergy friendly’ or ‘allergy conscious’.

If you have a severe allergy, please contact us and we can further discuss how our meals are prepared and if we can find a suitable solution.

What type of produce and ingredients are used?

We are committed to using sustainable and ethical ingredients and as such we take considerable care to ensure all of our ingredients are either organic or free from pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals.

I’m watching/counting my calories?

It is great you are trying to be healthy and with our food you will certainly stay on track, however we do not calorie count our meals. We do work with a nutritionist and naturopath to ensure our meals are nutritionally balanced and healthy.

Are meals sugar or fructose free?

We use onions and garlic in most of our dishes which is why we are not fructose free. We do not use refined sugars in any of our dishes though we will use Organic Raw, Brown and Muscovado Sugars, Molasses, Stevia or Rice Malt Syrup when a sweetener is required.

Can I modify a recipe, because I don’t like capsicum?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot modify dishes for particular tastes as they are not individually prepared, we can however avoid a certain dish for you, but this will mean you receive a double up of another.

Having said this, if you do have a severe allergy to an ingredient in our meals, please contact us to discuss options.

Do you cater for vegans?

Yes, we certainly do!! Every meal we make is plant powered, however we want to make sure we are providing healthy options for everyone, omnivore or herbivore alike.  

All you need to do is select the option you want in the Shop when placing your order.

What is the best way to store my meals?

All of your meals are delivered to you fresh and everything can be put into the fridge if you plan to eat them within 4 days. Unless you want to save it for later in the week then simply chuck it in the freezer (unless it is a salad).

What is the best way to reheat my meal?

We are strong advocates of using the old school methods of cooking, so, (if you aren’t using your oven as a bookshelf) we recommend using it to reheat your meals. The bio-packaging we use can be heated to 220°C and we recommend reheating meals for about 15-20 minutes at 180°C. Please check to make sure your meal is heated fully (check for steam) prior to eating to make sure they taste their best.

We understand microwaves are in nearly every kitchen nowadays and are quite often the only alternative at work, so use at your peril.

Our clear containers are not suitable for reheating meals or for hot food so please ensure you do not reheat food in these. Meals in these which are to be eaten hot are best heated in a saucepan on the stove top.

The most important part of reheating is to make sure we have not included an additional container of sauce, dressing or seeds in the container prior to heating it up.

How do I dispose of packaging?

We are committed to bringing Home Amongst the Green to Zero Waste and as such all of our packaging is either compostable, recyclable or reusable. Containers with a cardboard appearance are made from reclaimed sugar cane and are fully compostable, simply tear it up and feed it to the worms. Our clear containers are made from Bio-Plastic, a compostable plastic made from corn. They can be thrown into a compost heap and will take approx. 3 months to break down. Our Noodle jars can be reused, recycled or even though we are not in South Australia, you can give them back to us for a little something in return. All other packaging is compostable.

Which areas do you deliver to?

At the moment we only deliver to the Greater Brisbane area, as this is where we are based. Although we may be able to make arrangements if you are in SE Qld or further please contact us to discuss this.

 How much is delivery?

Are you in Brisbane? Then it is FREE … plain and simple.

How will my meals be delivered?

We will deliver to you personally and do not leave items out for you to collect so we can be sure a sneaky little possum or the neighbour’s dog doesn’t get into your food, and so you can put it straight into your fridge.

When do you deliver?

We start our deliveries every Saturday from approximately 4 p.m. and you will receive a text when we are within an hour of your location.