A dream for many is having the opportunity to step out of your door and pick fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables to prepare a delicious meal for you and your loved ones. We want to let you in on a secret… it doesn’t have to be a dream.

At Home Amongst The Green we are extremely enthusiastic about growing nutritious food. We want to share what we've learnt (and continue to learn) and show you no matter how big or small your space may be, anyone can grow food.

Initial 'Meet & Greet' Consult  

Approx. 1 hour consultation at your house/property to discuss ideas and establish what you would like to grow and harvest from your own garden, and how we can help. Prior to coming we will send you a short questionnaire to allow us to get a feel for how you want to connect with your garden. During the 'M&G' we will take notes, measurements and photo document the area, along with soil samples for pH testing if required. We will offer advice, tips and have a good chat to get a complete feel for the vision you have for your edible garden.

At the end of this consult, you will feel like you have enough information to get started and we will also provide you with a basic conceptual plan for the key areas of your garden discussed during the consult.  You may also choose one of our subscription service for additional help with getting your garden established and we will fully refund the Initial 'M&G' Consult fee against any works moving forward.

Subscription Services

If you only have a small space to work with or would like to dip your foot in the water before going ‘all in’ we have subscription services which may be right up your alley. Depending on your space or what you want to grow we can tailor a package that is right for you. Whether it be something as simple as growing your own summer salads, growing all the ingredients for your Nona’s passata recipe or have always wanted to make your own pickles, we are here to help. 

‘The DIY Special’ – We will provide the materials you need to assemble your own raised garden bed. All you will need to do is fill it with your own soil and plant out as you like. Soil/planting material can also be provided. Perfect for a weekend project.

‘Ready To Go’– Your garden bed will be setup in your nominated area, ready for you to plant into. Included will be your raised bed, soil (including soil conditioning materials, compost/worm castings) and mulch. 10% Discount for multiple beds. 

All In’ – We will set up your garden bed in your nominated area, and plant it out with seasonal varieties. All you will need to do is keep it watered. Included will be your raised bed, soil (including soil conditioning materials, compost/worm castings) and mulch as well as seasonal seedlings/seeds. This service also includes a 3 month package of fortnightly continued care. 10% Discount for multiple beds.                  

Customized Package’ – If you already have vegetable bed which requires a little love, would prefer a no-dig garden, have a particular planting in mind or even want a herb spiral then this is the package for you. We will reinvigorate your soil and plant out your area as you wish.  Included in your price will be soil conditioning materials, compost/worm castings and mulch, as well as a 3 month package of fortnightly continued care.       

Apartment solutions – we will discuss with you the suitable options for your space. You may be suited for a custom made smaller “crate bed”, pallet planter or a perhaps vertical option. We can set these up ready for you to plant, or we can plant them with you.

Continued Care Services

Weekly Care is suitable for those short on time but still want to harvest from their own garden, or for anyone new to gardening, wanting a more guided hand. Relax and we will take care of everything the plants need in order to be healthy: weeding, extra watering needs, fertilizing, harvesting, pruning, plant replacement, pest control and we even tidy up when we are done :).

Fortnightly Care is included in both of the ‘All In’ and ‘Customized Package’ subscriptions and is suited for people who are already involved in their garden.  We rely on you for day to day garden care and we will come and visit your garden twice a month to tackle any larger projects, fertilise, prune, plant crop successions, and make sure the garden is in tip top shape.

We are currently servicing Brisbane, and the greater surrounding areas.

You can contact us either via our web portal or via phone: Jessie or Andrew on 0477 878 930.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!